Cradle of Filth releases first single and music video from their upcoming album Cryptoriana The Seductiveness of Decay. Pre-orders for the band’s 12th studio album are now available as well. The album is set to be released on 22 September 2017.

The music video for “Heartbreak and Seance” can be seen below. It is also available for purchase via iTunes and Amazon.

Speaking on the album, Dani Filth explains the title and theme of Cryptoriana The Seductiveness of Decay:

“…deeply infused with Victorian gothic horror and thus the title is a reflection of that. ‘Cryptoriana’ implies the Victorians’ infatuation with the supernatural, the grave and the ghoulish. And the subtitle, ‘The Seductiveness of Decay’, further cements this attraction to death and the glittering lengthy process of self-annihilation.”

“Heartbreak and Seance” certainly lives up to the description given by Dani Filth. It’s a solid track, and I am pumped for the new album! 

You can purchase the single here:
Heartbreak and Seance

Pre-orders are also available. Reserve your vinyl copy here: