In case you weren’t already aware, the Church of Satan has a Twitter account, and it’s not only informative but also hilarious. The page is dedicated to dispelling myths satanism and providing insight into what it is all about. Occasionally, they also take the time to respond to hateful and otherwise stupid comments made at them. Their responses are always witty and comical; I follow their account just for the entertainment value. Plus, the fun facts about satanism are actually really interesting. Here are 10 hilarious tweets from the Church of Satan:

1. Congratulations, Enrico, you played yourself.

2. When you try to pray the Satan away, but the Church of Satan just ain’t havin’ it.

3. Preach, Satan, Preach!

4. When you try to use the COS for political gain, and it back fires. Oops.

5. Satanists aren’t in the business of genocide and war. I think you’re confusing them with another camp…

6. That time Michael forgot a few important events.

7. Christians really aren’t very good at insults are they..


9. Okay, salt&light, you literally walked right into this one.

10. The Church of Satan, asking the important questions since 1966.

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