I’m approaching one month since the launch of my website, so I’m by no means an expert. However, here are some quick tips to effectively gain traffic on your blog or website. It’s worth noting that my site has a very specific audience, so these tips should work well for any blog or website.

  1. Google+ is an absolute MUST. Using social media to generate traffic is a given, but would you have ever guessed that Google+ is a vital social network for your blog? You’re probably thinking “no” and here’s why you’re wrong. I created a Google+ account just a few days ago, and despite having no followers on my G+, over half of my traffic has come from there. Just follow these two tips to generate traffic from Google+:
    1. Much like Twitter and Instagram, be sure you’re using hashtags that are relevant to your posts. I often use two or more hashtags for every post I share on G+. Other users will find your content through these hashtags just like they do on Twitter and Instagram.
    2. Communities are everything. Google+ has this neat feature called “communities” which are essentially the facebook groups of G+. I’ve joined many communities that fall into my niche, and every time I publish something on my blog, I always share it in appropriate communities. Ex: I wrote an article about Chad Kroeger’s statements towards Corey Taylor of Slipknot. So, I shared that post in two different heavy metal communities and a couple Slipknot fan communities. Just by doing that, I generated much more traffic and received several engagements from viewers. I do suggest changing the settings to where your posts in communities do not show up on your profile. When you start earning followers, you do not want to spam them with multiple links to the same blog post. I usually post once to my profile and then two or more in different communities, so I adjusted my settings to where my followers would not be bombarded by three or more identical posts. To find communities, simply click on communities and search using keywords related to your niche.
  1. Tweet like your life depends on it. Twitter is going to be your best friend. To date, the overwhelming majority of my traffic has come from Twitter. Of course, you should be sharing your links and hashtagging appropriately, but also reshare old posts every few days. The average life span of a tweet is 18 minutes. So, one tactic I use is to share an old post two or three times over the span of a week at different times of the day. Doing this increases the odds of your post being seen and clicked on, while not feeling spammy, especially if you’re tweeting often in between. You should also be trying to gain more followers on twitter to make your twitter shares more effective at bringing in traffic. Here are some tips for that:
    1. Post often. I try to tweet at least four times a day (not including my website links). This may seem impractical, but behold HootSuite. With hootsuite, you can schedule tweets for specific dates and times. Every night I schedule tweets for the next day or two. The more you tweet, the more opportunity for others to see/share your tweets, which in turn leads more opportunity to gain followers. Be sure you’re tweeting things that are of similar interests to your blog and use appropriate hashtags as usual.
    2. Follow people. When a popular account publishes content similar to yours, see who is interacting with it, and follow them. There’s a good chance they will follow you back, and it’s a fantastic way to find individuals interested in your content.
    3. Quality > quantity. Always. People will argue with that, but it’s true. 100 followers who share common interests with your content are far more valuable than 1000 followers who care nothing about what you’re saying. The former will ALWAYS generate more traffic than the latter. No exceptions to this rule. 1000 Justin Beiber fans will not generate near as much traffic on my heavy metal blog as 100 Marilyn Manson fans.
    4. Share photos/memes. It’s a demonstrable fact that images get more engagements than text. Remember, you want those engagements and retweets to gain more exposure and followers.
    5. Engage other users. When a popular account tweets, there’s always a pretty active discussion shortly thereafter in the replies. Always comment on these and “like” comments. It’s a quick way to draw attention to your profile. Try to comment something catchy or that you think other people will be more inclined to like and retweet.
    6. Unfollow people. If someone doesn’t follow you back after a couple days, unfollow them. It looks bad if you’re following 600 people and only have 100 followers. People are turned off by that for one reason or another, mostly because they’ll assume you are too spammy or that your content isn’t any good.
    7. Respond to replies and retweets. If you’re kind and responsive to people, they will like you, and the best way to sell your brand is to sell yourself. If people like you, they’ll be more inclined to give your business a shot. Selling yourself is the oldest sales trick in the book.
  1. Create a Facebook page. It’s 2017 so this should be a given. Every business needs an FB page, especially if that business exists primarily on the web. Your Facebook will not generate traffic without followers. I’m still new to growing Facebook pages (or at least these sort of FB pages) so I’ll share what I know so far:
    1. Invite friends, obviously. Invite anyone and everyone on your personal FB page who you believe will be interested in your content.
    2. Make content that is shareable. A good meme, funny/informative status, or video can go a long way, if it is captivating enough for people to share it. Quality posts = shares and “likes” = exposure = page “likes” = blog traffic.
  1. Create an IG. I converted my personal Instagram to an Instagram dedicated to my blog. I have 670 followers, so it just made sense. Getting traffic from IG is tricky since you can’t put links in your posts. So, here are some tips to generate traffic with IG:
    1. Make sure your link is in the bio with a very brief description of your niche.
    2. Make posts that cater to your niche, and as always, hashtag everything. Do not have any shame with your hashtags. The more you use, the more exposure you get. As a result, you may have people go to your profile, see your link, and click it.
    3. Get followers. Use all of the tips I gave for Twitter to get more follows on IG.
    4. Post images from your recent blog updates with the caption “link in bio”, and of course, make sure the correct link is in your bio.
    5. Your primary focus isn’t necessarily getting followers. You really just want people looking at your profile and clicking on your website, but having a lot of followers helps with that. Plus, if you get enough followers, you can monetize your IG.

Don’t Do’s:

  • As far as paid promotions on Twitter, do not promote a specific post. I tried this, and it was a colossal waste of 10 bucks. Instead, promote your actual profile. Remember, more followers is a long term investment. If they read your one post, that doesn’t help you as much as them following your profile and seeing updates every day.
  • No like for like/like ladders on fb. It’s tempting. If you play the like ladders on FB, you can get a huge following on your page fast, but they’re not authentic followers. Chances are, they wont give two cents about what you’re posting. Remember, quality > quantity always.

Photo Credit: Jae Murphy

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