Earlier this week, Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger drunkenly slammed Corey Taylor, Slipknot, and Stone Sour in an interview with swedish music press. Yesterday, Corey Taylor reacted.

Addressing Chad Kroeger’s claims about Corey Taylor stating anyone can write a hit song, Slipknot’s front man denied having ever made such a statement:

“I’ve never said it was easy to write a hit song. I don’t know what the hell planet he lives on.”

During the interview with 98 KUPD, the hosts mention one of Taylor’s tracks recently hitting number one, rebutting Kroeger’s stating that the heavy metal artist has never written a hit song. Corey told the listeners he was originally going to go off on Chad Kroeger but saw the response from fans in the comments and decided not to, as Kroeger is “not a very liked person” and the fans had done a sufficient job at snapping back.

Despite having said this, Corey Taylor did call Chad Kroeger an idiot, while having only nice things to say about the rest of the Nickelback crew. He also said Koeger looks like a foot, which is weirdly hilarious.

My favorite clap back has to be his response to Chad Kroeger calling Slipknot a gimmick and bashing them for wearing masks:

“You can run your mouth all you want. All I know is I’ve been voted ‘sexiest dude in rock’ wearing a mask. You’ve been voted ‘ugliest dude in rock’ twice without one. So stick that up your a**”

Someone get Chad Koeger drunk, and interview him again. The entertainment value in all this is just too rich to die.

See full interview:

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