Last year Ozzy Osbourne’s affair with his hair stylist went public. The four year long affair almost ended his marriage with Sharon. In august, Ozzy made an apology to women he had affairs with and revealed that he was battling a long time addiction to sex.

Sexual addiction, not unlike other addictions, can take control of one’s life and ruin careers and relationships. It’s estimated that up to 5% of Americans are currently seeking treatment for sexual compulsion disorders. Considering Ozzy’s decades-long career as a heavy metal superstar, it’s easy to imagine where his addiction could have originated. The height of his musical career was in an age when the rock star lifestyle was characterized by “Drugs, Sex, and Rock N Roll.”

Ozzy told Hello! Magazine: “I honestly don’t know how [the affair] started, but then it picked up momentum.” He told the magazine he was afraid if he ended the affair she would go to the press about it. Osbourne went on to explain that he gave in to a “temptation” that was immoral and inescapable.

“By giving in to temptation, you put your head in the lion’s mouth, but then it closes, and no matter which way you go, you’ve done wrong.”

Sharon Osbourne told Hello! Magazine she only found out about the affair when the press contacted her and that she had never suspected it. Sharon continued to manage Ozzy’s career throughout the entire crisis.

Ozzy admitted to hurting his wife and family saying: “It’s only recently that Sharon’s been properly with me. I’ve damaged our relationship.. ..I don’t want to be that person anymore. I’ve been doing my utmost to make amends to Sharon and to all of the family.”

On mother’s day this year, the Osbournes renewed their vows, and on July fourth they’ll be celebrating their 35th anniversary.

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