Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, takes on Stone Sour and Slipknot by challenging front man Corey Taylor to write a “hit song.” The singer of the uber successful and globally know band, yet universally hated, popped off at the heavy metal giants in an interview with Sweden’s Metal Covenant.

Kroeger told the interviewer to name one band other than Nickelback that has such a diverse musical sound. When the interviewer suggests Stone Sour, Chad snaps back:

“Yeah, ’cause they’re trying to be Nickelback. [Corey Taylor] talks about how easy it is to write

a hit song. Well show me. Show me. Write one. I have yet to hear one.. ..they’re not as good as

Nickelback. They sound like Nickelback lite.”

Kroeger then moves to put Slipknot on blast, claiming their music can’t be good if they have to “put on masks and jump around” and “beat each other up on stage every night”. He then rambles about how they’re a gimmick and that music should not come with a gimmick. Furthering his slams against Corey Taylor, Nickelback front man claims Taylor got tired of hiding behind a mask and decided he wanted people to see his face, “so he started Stone Sour.”

Chad Kroeger wasn’t the first one to draw blood, however. In 2002, Corey Taylor told Rock Sound magazine that their record label was using too many resources on Nickelback and not enough on Slipknot. Taylor had some choice words to say about the mainstream rock group directly, calling Chad Kroeger “Shaggy” from “Scooby Doo” and suggesting that there would be a physical altercation, if he ever saw “any of those f*****s” in person.

Are Slipknot and Nickelback going to be beefing now? Will Corey Taylor respond to Chad Kroeger’s comments? I hope so, purely for the entertainment value. 2017 just keeps getting weirder.

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