Unpopular opinion: famous people can and should have political opinions. Moreover, they are and should be allowed to express them publicly.

Corey Taylor made headlines recently with his “shocking” but not actually so shocking, statements about Donald Trump. Slipknot’s front-man, and the entire band, was instantly greeted with a massive response in both support and opposition from the critics, fans, and media. It’s something you would expect, especially when you’re the face of a controversial metal band. However, there’s a disturbing phenomenon that occurs in every incident of a celebrity expressing political positions – the demand for censorship.

All over Slipknot’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were fans and critics alike demanding that Corey Taylor “shut the f*** up about politics and just make music”. A quick visit to any of those outlets and you could find any of the following arguments being made:

  • Celebrities shouldn’t talk about politics
  • Fans should boycott the band
  • Corey Taylor is a “snow flake”
  • Corey Taylor is forcing his beliefs onto people

In case you’re questioning my bias, I’m not in total agreement with his statements, and I do believe it was a publicity stunt. Most importantly, I honestly just couldn’t care less if I tried. I like his music; I don’t have to agree with his politics. I don’t have to pay attention to his politics either.

The thing is, these people are demanding their favorite artists keep silent about current events and politics. There was a time when artists were on the forefront of affecting change. Now, we’d rather them just keep quite. Now, we’d rather censor our favorite artists. Why? Because we’ve grown sensitive to dissenting opinions and beliefs. If I were to boycott every artist I disagreed with or cut off every person I know with differing views, I’d be a lonely, miserable person indeed.

My biggest question is: Why does it matter at all in the first place? These people complain when celebrities speak publicly about policies and leaders they disagree with, but they’re the ones giving away free publicity. I only hear about these statements when some disgruntled “snowflake” whines about it on social media. So, here’s a tip for how you can react next time an artist makes such a statement. You don’t. You don’t react. You do like I do every single time, and just move on with your life. The very people calling everyone snowflakes are the same ones getting so upset and “triggered” by such statements.

So, let your favorite artists, actors, musicians, etc have their opinions. Let them voice them publicly, if they so please. But for the love of all things evil, grow a pair and get over it when they happen to disagree with you. If you can’t do those things, then go back to your echo chamber safe space where you belong.

I’ll leave you with this – free speech is a two-way street. People will say things you like, and others will say things you hate. You will hear things you love from people you hate, and you’ll hear things you hate from people you love. Nonetheless, it’s their right to speak it, and no one is demanding that you agree with what is said. All you have to do is choose how to react. You can act like an emotional child who hasn’t gotten his way, or you can act like an adult. It’s your choice, but when you demand censorship over people with differing views, you admit to being a coward and forfeit the right to ever call anyone a snowflake ever again.