Do you want to be totally creative and original? Are you a 20 something Caucasian female looking to spice up your home? Look no further.

Are you ready to have your mind blown with these cute diy projects that will have your girlfriend’s going, “Girl you should post that on Pinterest!” Well, let’s begin, McKaylen.


  1. Literally anything you find with Chevron print on it.
  2. Mason jars. All of them. Literally.

Ponytailholders – Girl, I know you can’t keep up with all those loose holders for little Sunflower Latte’s hair; just stick them in a mason jar. And DEFINITELY put her initials in a weird order with a cute, teal colored font.

Have a very basic Christmas – Umm.. if you’re not already wrapping your Christmas tree in pink and teal Chevron ribbon, then you’re doing it wrong. If you’re feeling extra creative and wild, you could even do a cute little bow at the top and a rustic, wooden family initial as a tree topper. #Fab

Yes, Jennifer, you definitely need to use mason jars as tooth brush holders, but be sure to paint your names on them in a color that matches your Chevron print shower curtains and “live laugh love” wall ornaments.

Eat salads out of mason jars, but ONLY use ranch dressing. Speaking of, mason jars also double as convenient containers to store salad dressings (which, again, should all be ranch).

Still have some spare Chevron ribbon? Wrap your whole house in it, girl. Let all your neighbors know how much of a wild card you are.

Still have some mason jars left over? Tell all your girlfriends about your crazy new haircut that’s literally just 2.4 inches off the back, and then gorilla glue a mason jar to your forehead. Yes, now you’re really getting the hang of things.

Last, and most important, line up mason jars in your yard with candles in them. Every night you should light them. Be sure they’re arranged to spell “I LOVE MASON JARS AND CHEVRON PRINT” so everyone who passes by will know that you’re a top-notch, certified, advanced, basic white girl!