To be completely honest, I was utterly shocked that Mississippi had any half-decent cons, but this one definitely won me over, and I’ll be returning later this month. Hopefully, I’ll be cosplaying Johannes Eckerström of Avatar (band). At the 2016 con, I went as a grounder from The 100. Dressing as a post apocalyptic barbarian/Viking in the middle of the MS summer heat probably wasn’t the most brilliant plan, but I think it went well for my first cosplay.

The convention was a blast. I got some sweet loot, met some cool people, and watched a couple of actual power rangers take home girls from the bar. My favorite moment was definitely meeting Sarah, the little girl from The Crow. Me and my brothers grew up watching it on VHS, so it was really cool meeting her.

My wife went as White Raven. Thanks @_jazcole for the photo:

I’m excited to go back to Mississippi Comicon this year. I’m really hoping my cosplay will work out, totally stoked to be Johannes Eckerström for the day! I’ll be posting about it soon. Cheers!