When I first saw a friend post that Motionless in White is the goth Nickelback, I disagreed entirely, but that was because Motionless in White’s Reincarnate was still running through my head on a daily basis. The album was solid all the way around. Its combination of metalcore and industrial metal had me hooked in a way that few albums have before. So naturally I was pumped about Graveyard shift.

…Then I purchased it, and it was very… Eh.

They stuck to the industrial sounds prominent in Reincarnate, but beefed them up a little. Job well done on that aspect; it was nearly identical to the mother ship of industrial – the Neue Deutsche Harte. It even has some obvious inspiration from industrial band’s of the 90s. Of course, Motionless in White still put their metalcore twist on it, which is always nice.

Chris Motionless slacked in this album, though. Most of the vocals are not so captivating, and the lyrics are childish and outright cringe worthy at times.

“It’s my party and I’ll die if I want to” Really, Chris?

It feels like the band was making too hard of an attempt at appealing to the younger “scene” kids, and ended up going full blown Blood On The Dance Floor at times. Thanks to Motionless in White, I’ve now added the expression “shut your mouth before I [censored] it” to my vocabulary, so there’s that. Necessary Evil is to me the worst song on the album, which hurts because it features Jonathan Davis of Korn in the second verse (the only part of the song worth listening to, honestly).

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t a bad album, it’s just acceptable at best. There are a few tracks worth listening to for sure, Queen For Queen, The Ladder (especially if you’ve seen Neon Demon), 570, and Eternally Yours. But it simply isn’t the kind of thing you do after releasing something as great as Reincarnate.

Motionless in White definitely dropped the ball on this one in comparison to their past releases. It isn’t a terrible album, but there’s nothing captivating about it, and the lyrics will seriously make you cringe, if you’re over the age of 16. Graveyard Shift is like commercial dad rock, meets German industrial music with Brokencyde lyrics. I am now inclined to agree with the meme: Motionless in White is the goth Nickelback after Graveyard Shift.

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