This was my first ever con, andit was incredible. There were so many featured guests I was excited about seeing; it was like a buffet of fandom. Unfortunately, I didn’t cosplay for this one, but it was still a great experience. I really hated​ having to miss the 2017 pensacon.

The vendors here were amazing. You could go broke easily in this place. But the best part was meeting some of my favorite characters and actors. 

Sid Haig from the Rob Zombie films:

Veronica Taylor (Voice of Pika Chu):

The grandfather of leather face from the ’74 and 2013 texas chainsaw massacre films (this man gave me nightmares as a kid): 

Rikki Simmons (Voice of Gir from Invader Zim):

We met several others too, including Patricia Quinn (Magenta from Rocky Horror Picture Show). She was a trip, undoubtedly tipsy. She spoke to us for about thirty minutes or so rambling about stories and statues, but she was a blast. 10/10 would definitely have drinks with Magenta.

We’re already making arrangements to attend the 2018 Pensacon, as the guest list is already impressive, namely the voice of Jack Skellington and Marky Ramone (the drummer from the Ramones)! The voice of Jack, will definitely be asked for an on-body autograph, so I can get it tattooed shortly thereafter.