Own Let Me Make You A Martyr today! From Amazon:

Let Me Make You A Martyr is set to release on video Tuesday, June 6th.

I’m born to preach the gospel,” Marilyn Manson sings psychopathically in the latest trailer for Let Me Make You a Martyr.

The film has already premiered in select theaters but is set to release on Amazon, iTunes, and video on demand this Tuesday, June 6th. It features Marilyn Manson, who plays a hitman hired by a crime lord, Larry (played by Mark Boone Jr.), to illiminate the threat of his son and adopted daughter, who are trying to kill him. all the while this is going on, Larry’s son has taken romantic interests in his adopted sister. The plot sounds like a really twisted episode of Jerry Springer featuring Marilyn Manson as a sociopathic hitman. I can dig it.

Based on the cast, plot, and trailers, it seems like a pretty promising film. I’ll certainly be picking up a copy Tuesday.

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