There are few places on this Earth, where gothic industrial music is done right, and Germany is definitely one of them. German acts such as Oomph!, Rammstein, Megaherz, Eisbrecher, and Blutengel brilliantly portray the genre in its rawest form. Blutengel’s nearly 8 year old track “Reich Mire Die Hand” is, for me, a goth anthem of the century.

The song inspires such dark, romantic imagery. The dark tone, industrial vocals, catchy synth riffs, and beautiful German language all come together to create a conglomerate of dark, gothic epicness. In my book, the song is an instant classic that never gets old.

While the vampiric themes in the music video can be a little generic for the style, if the video for Reich Mir Die Hand does not incite at least a little bit of heartwarming goth nostalgia, then are you really even living? If you haven’t already, watch the music video below to see why Reich Mire Die Hand is, in my opinion, a timeless goth anthem.


Photo credit: Stillshot from Reich Mir Die Hand music video

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