A couple weeks ago I decided to finally get some ink dedicated to my favorite musical, Repo! The Genetic Opera. After watching it for the (too many times to count) time, I noticed before the title menu appears, an anatomical heart is displayed with a GeneCo logo. I knew at that exact moment that I NEEDED it on my body. So, on our anniversary trip to Pensacola, FL, my wife and I booked an appointment at the renowned Hula Moon tattoo studio for some fresh ink. She got a beautiful half sleeve done by Carrie. She went nonstop for an impressive six and a half hours to complete the piece. My artist, Dana, finished mine in about two and a half hours. She told me I did great, but on the inside, I was being a big baby. Nonetheless, it’s a wonderful work and the creative liberties she took were better than I could’ve imagined. Check it out!