What do Marilyn Manson and Kathy Griffin have in common? Two things: Tyler Shields and decapitating the president of the united states. Working with the controversial, but brilliant, photographer and cinematographer, Kathy Griffin posed with the severed head of Donald Trump in a photo shoot with Tyler Shields.

Kathy Griffin holding Trump’s head. Photo by Tyler Shields.

She suffered so much backlash that she removed the photo and apologized later that evening. Tyler Shields also removed the photo from his social media. What’s his infatuation with beheading Donald Trump anyway? First he filmed Marilyn Manson doing it on election day (see below), now Kathy Griffin too! Not that I don’t love controversial art, but we adore your work, Tyler, please stay alive and out of prison.

Say10 teaser shot by Tyler Shields featuring Mr. Manson beheading Donald Trump: